Interest groups in information systems

The second lecture of Designing information systems covered stakeholders / interest groups. My assignment was to look at an information system and answer questions about its' stakeholders, user groups and different kinds of developers involved. I'll look at the information system owned by Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto by which I can book a babysitter. This IS has … Continue reading Interest groups in information systems


Designing information systems

A new course has started from the University of Oulu. This one focuses on designing information systems (IS). First task was to recognise different information systems I utilise. In the university (Oulu and Helsinki) I use Weboodi, Moodle and also Microsoft Outlook. In Oulu I also still use Optima, although I am relieved they will … Continue reading Designing information systems

Usability heurestics – one approach to more usable software

One method to creating more usable software is to utilise usability heuristics in evaluation. These are memory lists that experts in usability utilise when testing software. As an evaluation method it differs from user-input in that the evaluators are experts. If experts are unavailable, then newbies can be used, but it needs to be someone … Continue reading Usability heurestics – one approach to more usable software

Not very good, yet, but persistent

I started to learn to code a while back through several online resources. Always it came to a grinding halt. The style of instruction just did not speak to me as basically it was just "type this". I was left with a whole bunch of unanswered questions, the biggest one being "why?". ┬áSo with this … Continue reading Not very good, yet, but persistent