Not very good, yet, but persistent

I started to learn to code a while back through several online resources. Always it came to a grinding halt. The style of instruction just did not speak to me as basically it was just "type this". I was left with a whole bunch of unanswered questions, the biggest one being "why?".  So with this … Continue reading Not very good, yet, but persistent


How the internet works?

It seems that I just can't get enough of studying IT. On top of my university courses I have started studying about web development in The Odin Project. It remains to be seen how active I can progress with this one once my courses begin, but I will return to this in the summer if … Continue reading How the internet works?

Some thoughts about the computer skills of the rest of us

In a previous post, I focused on the 26% who cannot use the computer. For developers of it-solutions, they are not of much importance, because they will not use our/the solutions. However, the OECD-report had some interesting stuff about the rest of us that is of great importance for anyone developing it-solutions and that is … Continue reading Some thoughts about the computer skills of the rest of us

User-Centered design principles

The most recent module of my course "humans as developers and users of technology" covered user-centered designThe focus was on the principles laid out in ISO standard 9241-210:2010. The first principle is that the design is based upon the explicit understanding of users, tasks and environments.  This first principle connects with basically the entire course … Continue reading User-Centered design principles